Two guys are in love with her.

My friend has two guys that are in love with her. One who she sees all the time and one who lives a couple hours away who she sees every 2-3 months. Currently, she is in a relationship with the guy who lives a couple hours away, and at the same time has strong feelings for the guy she sees all the time. She has begun to want to step things up with the guy she sees every day and has strong feelings for. She doesn't know what to do because she is stuck between these two guys and she has feelings for both. Tomorrow she is going to the movies with the guy she sees everyday and knows she has the feeling to do things with him yet won't because it would be a betrayal. However, this is all just a smaller question compared to what should she do about the guys. Should she stay with the one she is in a relationship with but only sees every 2-3 months, or should she go with the guy who she sees everyday and has feelings for?

please just give ur opinion one way or the other
he loves her and she has strong feelings for the guy far away as well. the guy far away is 15, the girl is 16, and the guy she sees everyday and also has strong feelings for is 17


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  • There's no 'right' answer here. Why does she maintain the relationship with the guy she sees only every 2 or 3 months? Is it because of her feelings for him, or is it because of a work relationship, or what is it that ties her to him? Normally if someone has feeelings for a person close by, they will end the occasional relationship without looking back unless.

    Something really special is going on with the person far away.

    So ask her first of all why she continues to have such loyalty to someone who doesn't take the trouble to see her very oftern. I mean, a couple of hours, wouldn't normally they see each other at least once a month if not more, if their feelings were mutual and strong? T

    hat doesn't sound like a healthy relationship, unless, as I said, there are some really special circumstances. It sounds more like the guy is married or has another girl that keeps him busy, frankly. Although that's only a guess of course.

    Please tell us more if you want a more definitive answer!

    • Great answer!

    • Even at 15 the guy would find a way to see her more often than that. There are buses, trains, friends, he'd find a way if he really liked her.

      And the same for her if she really liked him.

      She's too young to be in a serious relationship in any case, so WHY NOT KEEP BOTH as friends?

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  • i think she needs to choose one or the other. she can not just keep leading them both on. I'm sure that the one she chooses will be happy and if they both care for her that much really the one she doesn't choose won't be mad forever. but until she chooses the guy she sees everyday may want to back off a little to give her some thinking space.


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  • i think she should date both of them and not have any kind of sexual relations with either one of them. then I would think that one of them would lose interest and they make up the mind for her. that way she sees who is interested in her for her. if they both stick around than she will have to make a decision and just pick one of them. but the easiest thing might be just to pick the one she likes more.i would say that she should date the one who lives closer but that is up to her

    if you could go answer my latest question and give me a brief opinion of what you think that would be great and leave a comment on my answer and we can chat further if you like

  • There's no way for anyone on here to give advice or decide on that. She's the one who has feelings so she needs to choose who she wants to be with more.