This girl likes me and I like her?

but I don't know what to do... I'm hanging out with her tomorrow... and I want to know how to start a relationship with her... what kind of things could I do with her there are no good movies playing... and I'm 16 years old by the way so nothing old people would do lol.


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  • "This girl likes me and I like her"----> ask her out


    Ice cream


    Park (picnic maybe?)

    Bowling (it's big here lol)

    Take her to lunch


    Concert (that's a bit too expensive though)

    • kk wel how od I ask her to be my gf

    • After some dates, if she agrees to go on more with you and is enjoying herself, ask her if she wants to be in a relationship with you. "I really like you and want to spend more time with you, would you like to be my girlfriend?", "How do you feel about making this official?", etc.

    • i really don't wanna wait to be honest

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  • Just be straight up. Most girls understand a guy is quite straight up. It's best to give your shot at a try than to avoid it at all. Your hanging out with her tomorrow so my suggestion is have a good time with her. Don't worry about when to ask her and crap just have a good time. Have fun, make it last than once all the fun is done I would say something like "I enjoyed spending my time with you today, Can we do this again?" see what her response is. If its good try to get a kiss or something be a man. If she's single and interested into you at all a kiss won't harm her at all. When hugging to leave or say bye just lean down and kiss her. Once it goes from there and its all smooth than if you still want to ask her, than ask her. I am quite lame when it comes to this part but normally I say something like after a few times seeing each other "I am really interested into you and I want to take this a step higher, will you be my girlfriend?" its corny yeah but meh it works I guess.

    • also for something to do because I was mainly replying to your comments, you could take her for something to drink or eat. You live in Canada so can go to like swiss chalet isn't to pricey but is alright. Maybe hang around go biking or something. Maybe go to the beach just be creative there's always something to go to.

    • yea man thanks for the advice

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