Is there any hope for me and this guy?

Okay so there is this guy I like. We started to text. We both really liked each other a lot. He told me when he started texting me that he liked a few girls, a week or two later it was just me he liked. I know he texts a lot of girls, and I'm pretty sure he likes my friend. We went over to his house to hang out, and he flirted with her and didn't talk to me. We kept texting for a while. Then we started to talk less. One of his friends texted me. We didn't say much when he asked if me and this guy were a thing. I said no becuase we weren't...he never asked me out. As soon as I sent it I never heard back. The guy I like hasn't texted me in 7 days :( I know people like a break but you would think they would have said something. I know he's been super busy and doesn't get home till 9:30, but still. I think he had his friend check and see if we were a thing, so if I said no he could text another girl. What do you think? And what should I do? Should I text him, or just let it go?

Turns out I was totally wrong! long story short he apoligized. I have to stop assuming, and worrying lol.


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  • texting can cause so many problems because of misinterpretation...

    Just because you're not constantly communicating, doesn't mean he doesn't like you!

    Why don't you take the initiative? Text him. Call him. Ask him out.

    And also, just because he texts "lots of girls" doesn't mean he likes them, or doesn't like you.

    Be confident!

    • thank you so much for your answer! I agree

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  • let him go because he probably talking to your friend or other girls. if he cares he would text you back soon.

    • thanks, that is very true.

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