To guys: what advice would you give to younger girls with regards to men and relationships?

The question is pretty much self explanatory. Any advice would you like to share with the younger girls? Any dos/don'ts?


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  • Treat people like you'd like to be treated.

    Dont take it serious until it's serious.

    Dont analyze anything


    Only pursue one person at a time.

    Never cheat

    Dont get pregnant

    Dont get an STD

    Never do ATM

    Dont give away your trust immediately

    Dont get jaded

    Dont mess with friends or people who are part of your routine

    Dont be insecure

    Enjoy sex

    Be willing to make mistakes and get hurt

    Equality - earn him as you expect him to earn you

    Dont date pricks

    Dont follow the 'herd' when it comes to going for guys.

    • Brilliant answer :) I wish I can enjoy sex :( A guy left me because I wouldn't have sex with him :'(

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    • My motto is, if you're not open to being hurt you'll never find love. Meet someone awesome who is completely invulnerable - you'll find someone you like a whole lot but don't love. Meet someone who's a little vulnerable and the sky is the limit. You have to take a risk. Love is a leap of faith I guess.

    • Can I give additional "likes" for all your comments? :P

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  • There's tons of advice I could offer about us guys. But one that jumps out at me is: "Do NOT, if at all possible in your power over yourself, act off of your emotions. This is what screws a lot of females up- falling for that guy that makes you tingle but he turns out to be a sh*thead. Start reserving yourself for only guys that show they are worthy, and not for guys that you HOPE will be worthy."

    • this one is good too :)

  • DO...

    Appreciate him

    Be trusting and trustworthy

    Let him hang out with his friends/have a life

    Talk to him about things that are bothering you

    Stand by your morals and values

    Believe he is sincere with his compliments


    Be confident




    Become dependent on him

    Mooch off him

    Lead him on

    Use him as a doormat/pin coushin (spelling?)

    DO NOT be afraid to say "I'm sorry"

    DO NOT let him walk all over you/treat you badly


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