How do I know what I am to her?

I have not been here in quite a long time, but I have always gotten great answers here.

Here is the story, I met an extremely intelligent, funny, attractive, ambitious girl through online dating. We have been talking for about two weeks now, and had one actual "date" with another on planed for the weekend of the 4th.

Here is my hiccup: She is such a worrier and so scared that whenever something personal comes up she won't share. She has told me several times that she believes that every relationship she has is doomed to failure. I wrote off how she behaves with personal details to that fact. Now however she won't even share things that are just between us. I am doing my best, but I keep feeling like she doesn't want anything to succeed.

We are both rather recently out of long term relationships, so I am going VERY slow physically. As in, went to a movie and I didn't even attempt anything (truth be told I was nervous as hell.)

Ladies, I really want to sweep this girl off her feet.. but it seems she does not want to be swept by any man, ever again.

The MOST frustrating point of the entire thing is when I pay her a complement and she tells me I am wrong. She then refuses to consider the fact that my answer my be right. Even for a moment. HELP!

Thanks for the massive amounts of answers.


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  • asking her?


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