What are we then?

Me and this guy have been dating and a while ago we had this conversation where he mentioned something in which he phrased "before I commit to dating you"

Now its been awhile, we are out of school so no labels really, which is confusing actually

He told me he loves me and we talk almost everyday and try to see each other when we can

Are we together? I'm not like this to anyone else and I'm 99% sure he isn't either?

It doesn't really matter but I was jw what you though

maybe I should add a bit: We TALK like we are together, and we kiss and all that as well.

just for clarity


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  • Talk to him about it. None of us here knows how he feels for you..

    Could it be he just loves you as a close friend? Or is he just afraid or doesn't want to commit?

    Please help with: girlsaskguys.com/Dating-Questions/466511-is-this-a-bad-thing-if-he-wants-time-to-think.html

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