How do I flirt with a girl in texting?

I feel like when I text girls, it's so boring. And I know it kinda boring because I'm bored with it! How do I live up the conversations and make it fun? HELP!

And give me examples of flirting in text. I really don't understand how... Confused..


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  • Some ways you can flirt in text messages are:

    "Good morning/Goodnight beautiful"

    "What's on your mind? ;)"

    Winkings are pretty much the #1 thing in text message flirting :)

    Always use symbols when talking to her. :) ;) :P :D <3 ;D (Be creative)

    And always compliment her. :)

    And to make the conversation interesting, talk about her also. Make inside jokes and just make the conversation fun.

    And for me, when I guy says my name after something I feel somewhat special becuase I know they're saying it to me like, "Good morning, Ava. :) How did you sleep? <3"

    And one thing to keep the conversation going is spelling everything out, just showing her that you spell everything out is good, for example instead of saying "nmu" say "Not that much, what about you? or "Nothing much, you? :)"

    Just don't overdue it. If you get the hint that she is not interested, don't go for it. Make her interested and then make her want to talk to you..

    Oh yeah, and at night, Always say something like, "I'll talk to you soon" or "I'll talk to you later" just so it shows that you are interested in talking with her again. :)

    I hope this helped:)))


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  • Sometimes it's just random complimentary things:

    YOU: I like mountain biking and camping. What kinds of things are you into?

    HER: Cool, I'm really into art - I paint and stuff like that.

    YOU: I can't paint at all; I think it's really cute that you can do that.

    It may sound a little corny, but just throwing in random compliments using words like cute, adorable, even sexy if the circumstance is appropriate will help. Or just being a little bold towards her:

    HER: I just went swimming today.

    YOU: Yea? I bet you look really good in a bathing suit / bikini

    Just match the flirty words up with the subject you guys are talking about, and keep the bolder compliments and flirts to a minimum, or it may start to get creepy lol Plus, if your too busy trying to flirt to hard, she'll think your not paying attention to what she's sending you.

    Hope this helps a bit :)

  • If its not flowing, its just going to get awkward. Don't try too hard. that's the number one rule of flirting.

    make casual conversation, like you would face to face, and refer to something only the two of you would get. Then add flirty things like ;).

    But honestly- just don't try too hard.

  • look up naughty sh*t in different languages, that's always fun?

    ...text random things like BOO[:

    idk have fun with it ask random ass questions or say random things

    text pictures what you are doing, or movie qoutes (what up zombieland!)

  • Try playing some texting games. Ask her questions or send her pics of things that remind you of her


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  • Talk about her and what she likes to do more than you. Kinda even it out. Laughing is fun too.