How do you make texting interesting? Why oh why does texting some people have to be painful?

Literally NO chemistry via text but plenty in-person.

I don't get it. :(

How do you make texting interesting? I'm usually a good conversationalist and use the "cherry picking" method to keep a conversation going but with this dude our conversation just DIES. A slow and horrible death..


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  • Can you specify how a text conversation usually goes?

    • I have one from yesterday. Here:

      Him: How's it going?

      Me: Pretty good. About to head out for a run. How about you?

      Him: Doing work. I need to prepare another lecture for tomorrow.

      Me: I feel sorry for you. :P What's it on? And who do you present it to?

      Him: I help with a summer program teaching high schoolers about engineering.

      Me: Hey, I will text you when I'm done.

      Me: So, how's it coming?

      Him: Oh it's coming haha. How was the run?

      Me: Haha oh boy that sounds confident. It was good.

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    • Just remember to appreciate what he does and give him support. We really love that. You don't need to focus on him ALL the time, once he sees you your support he'll in turn focus on you.

    • Okay, thank you again. :)

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  • Take a hint- don't text so much :)

    For me, if the meat of the conversation has already been cooked and eaten, it kind of gets dull and uninteresting to me. If it goes on long enough, then it starts to seem like a chore and I try to just let it die. I don't need to be talking constantly to someone, in fact that might make me get tired of them.

    So yeah, if you don't have anything to say then be cool with just letting things go for the time being. There will be other things to talk about later :)

    • That's the thing though. We only text every couple days. He'll text me and we'll go back and forth like twice and then cue the crickets.


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    • Fine. >:(

  • Cause texting is lame and more time consuming than just chatting in person, over the phone, or even IMing on a computer :|

  • Texting is mega lame, just call. I stopped texting my girlfriend unless it was short messages to meet me at so and so etc, if I want a real chat I just call.

    • I find it amusing and pleasurable if both me and the respective person are flirty.

    • While texting*

  • Texting can get really boring fast, because it's pretty dry.

    I mean you can keep conversations over text, by asking how someone's day was or questions trying to get to know him more..

    But in general, I think most guys like to text to plan events--unless they can't hang out with the girl right away (they are long distance).

  • You dial their number and call them

  • Some people are just terrible at not in person stuff. As Dom said call him or you'll just have to rely on in person. I wish I could be awesome at in person. I kick ass with non face to face stuff.


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  • boyfriend doesn't like texting..and when we's mainly for meeting and such or a quick conversation. But, just think of how you would talk to him on the phone.

    If we texted, I would just act like as if we were on the phone.

    Here is an example:

    Him: Hey sweetie, how are you today?

    Me: Heyy :) I am doing good. Had some problems with work..some maniac came in to work yelling and stuff..

    Him: Really? wow. Why?

    Me: He said he made his car payment last week but he didn't.

    Him: Oh..what a prick. Was your dad there?

    Me: No, but my brother was. It was okay..he left after threatening to call the cops haha

    Him: Oh, well good. My day is okay. Had the usual work, then work with dad.

    Me: Oh, that's good. haha. So what are your plans for the weekend?

    Him: I am not sure yet..probably working. But, I want to see you.

    Me: That's good. I want to see you too :)

    And just keep progressing..Talk bout your day..or anything crazy that happened. Like, for example, I tried to go to Tyson's corner..and big mall I love! And, I got lost! And, ended up in DC! And, got lost! And, chesed down a runner in heels! LOL And, if I didn't have the chance to talk to him on the phone, I would have texted him it. It's pretty just have to talk as if it were me! Think of anything that is funny to tell him..anything interesting..or something like that. If you do not know questions about his family, ask him. If you do not know things about him, ask him. Try to get to know him more. Talk about your likes and dislikes. That kind of stuff. Good luck love. XOXO

  • What's the cherry-picking method? O:

    • Haha. I read about it in a body language/psychology book.

      Basically, you pick up on subtle words to keep a conversation flowing. link

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    • lol it seems I'm a master at this cherry picking. Not bragging, just realized I kind of flirt using that.

    • Good for you moloz. :)

  • Texting isn't a biggie. It'd be awful if it was the opposite : no chemistry in person but a lot over text. You're good. Texting doesn't have to be important and lots of people suck at it. So just forget about it. Text only if it's essential.

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