I'll be home alone and want to hang out with him...

I live with my parents and they'll be gone and I want to hang out with the guy I like but every way I think to ask sounds a tiny bit slutty. So how can I suggest he come over and him not expect to just hookup?


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  • You can't really.. Is my first thought.. At least not alone

    But friends leave for no reason.. :) *wink wink*

    What you should do is ask some friends over so its a group date/hangout.. Do some stuff togeather.. Then for some reason your friend has to leave.. ;) *wink wink* now you and him are alone hanging out.. And uf he tries to leave with them simply ask him to stay.. And if he makes a sexual move you can say no..

    If you need a reason to say no.. Have your friends say they will be back in a sec.. Kinda like they might check up on you 2.. So he can't make a move

  • Can't. He'll just try & entice you for sex.

    Go out into town.


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