Call Or Text (From the guy at the bar)?

I met a girl in a bar. We chatted twice (roughly 10 minutes each time), we got along well enough, we traded phone details.

We don't know each other particularly well (we only spoke for 20 minutes). I normally prefer to text in these instances, it just puts less pressure on me (or her) to force some kind of fun/interesting conversation out of very little.

But which would you guys (err...girls) actually prefer? Would you prefer a call or a text?

Isn't it awkward when two stranger are trying to force a fun conversation out of nothing?


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  • I prefer texts. You can't really get to know someone through texting but I don't like it when I unexpectedly get calls and I can't sit still long enough to have prolonged phone conversations with people. I always feel like an a-hole because I'm always the one to end the call. If you or she wants to do the phone thing you can text first to make sure she is free to talk. Personally I have always texted, called only if necessary, but I like to get to know people face to face at the end of the day. I just use the phone to touch base, make plans or converse if we can't meet up in person for whatever reason.

    If you do call and she doesn't answer please don't leave it at that; leave a message or shoot her a text explaining yourself (by this I mean like: "Hey, I was just calling to chat/see if you wanted to grab dinner sometime, I'll try you again later/give me a call when your free". I hate seeing a missed call and not knowing what it was for.

  • Text is lame. You can't get to know a guy through text. 10 minute chats don't make you fall for a guy. All you know about her is that you find her pretty enough to date, right? Don't you want to learn about her? Save the texting for when you've been going out for a month or so.

    • Shouldn't it be the other way round? Text initially, call when you're in a relationship?

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    • hmm...fascinating.

    • Convo can be short, but the voice helps. ESP. If you don't know if you are into him or not.

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