Why did he start hanging out with my guy friends?

There was this guy a player type that was always after me , asking me out, trying to have something with me, I would always said no and turn him down and that lasted for like 2 years. . One day he tried to kiss me and I refused when he ask me why I told him that I had feelings for him but I knew I was not going to be the only one.

From that day he made my life a hell, first of all he made out with one of my friends and the whole time he was looking at me to hurt me, and then he said to everybody that I wanted to marry him.

I was so pissed I ignore him and eventually moved on.

Now, one year later he started hanging out with my guy friends, they know I don't like him but still they love him they always talking about him and how fun he is, and he is always with them, before I use to be with them all the time, now when he is around ( always) I don't feel like being with them.

But my question is why my friends of all the guys why them?

It's not like they attend the same courses or something.


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  • It’s actually very simple. Why your guys friends like him? Because it seems he can get girls and guys want to have friends that have “game” meaning can pick up girls. Your guy’s friends want to be like him.

    Now you said “they always talk about him” That’s because they are trying to improve his chances of hooking up with you. They already know you have a bad impression of him so they are doing their best to change it.

    That dude also made out with your friend to make you jealous and right now he is befriending your friends in order to get closer to you. He came up with that bs line that you tried to marry him to make himself look batter as he could not cope with the rejection from you. (If he starts making more rumors about you and keep insisting they are true. Tell him he has 24 hours to clear up all the rumors or you will start one that he has a small penis :--)

    I looked at your profile you are a very attractive girl and guys will come up with lots of stupid strategies/ways to impress you instead of just coming up and saying how they feel.

    What I would recommend is talking to your guy friends. You need to open up to them and tell them how you feel. Be honest with them tell them you don’t like the guy and you never will. At this point your guy friends should tell him to stop trying to hit on you and call it a game over. If you believe that you would have hard time talking to all your guys friends than just talk to one of them and he will talk to other guys.

    One think to keep in mind is that no matter how good you think your friends are they are guys. Some of them may have some hidden attraction for you therefore affecting your friendship.

    I also read your other question how you want to move England. I don’t think you should do it running from your problems will not help you. You know how you said that you think your friends are fake? Maybe its time to talk to them or get new ones. I personally do not have same friends I had at 19 I am 25 now . I learned to cut of fake people from my life.

    Give it some time maybe you will fall in love get a boyfriends and his friends will become yours.


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  • a.) He simply moved on and found someone more reachable in your company.


    b.) Using filthy tactics to make you jealous with a final point to make you approach him.

  • A few key words for you



    Bad Bad Bad News

    What you KNEW from the beginning is just revealing it's ugly head to you again and again and has now taken over a part of your every day life and happiness...

    want help?

  • If it's your GUY friends he started hanging out with then either he is trying to make you jealous and p*ss you off (in a means to get more of your attention) or he is trying to get in with your friends to get closer to you. He may be hoping that your guy friends think he is a great guy and he wants them to put in a good word for him so that he hopes you will realize how great he is.


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