Why we kiss.... why do men like it?

A friend of mine (bio major) said that when we kiss, women pick up her partners 'cytomegalovirus', which improves her immune system. Also he said that was the reason why we like to do it so much and I guess for girls I get it, but what do men get out of it?

I guess you like it just as much!?

alright, thanks guys I guess both things makes sense


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  • Because if she's pregnant it increases the chances of your baby being born healthy

    • Awesome fact, cool :D

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    • cuz cytomegalovirus fight bacteria that can cause death to the unborn baby or birth defects. Women don't naturally have cytomegalovirus, so we are trying to give you some ours, evolutionary that's the only thing we can do during pregnancy, despite getting food.

      And when the baby is born it does not only have the moms immune system but also part of the daddy.

      Btw it only worksif you kiss the same person for at least 6 months

    • i meant to say women don't naturally have many of them and when they get pregnant the iummune system becomes even weaker, so its good if you get some extra support from your man

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  • I've also read that when we kiss, men pass some testosterone to women through their saliva, which helps women get in the mood for intercourse. I like to kiss because his lips feel nice. :)