Whenever I ask her to hang out she comes up with excuses?

well me and this girl like each other but she has been kind of boring to talk to ill say what's up her reply is not much and ill say sweet and all she says is yeah. so what do people think I should do and whenever i ask her to hang out she comes up with excuses saying her mom might have her busy.


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  • it doesn't sound like she's too into it. give her some space and make her chase;)

    • well she says shelikes me she told me stragiht up and last night she told me and a buddy off his account

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  • I really don't think she's that interested in you

    • she said she was and I just realized I'm kind of boring to talk too so she doesn't know what to say since I'm boring to talk too

    • what a jerk to say that. you don't need her

  • She's afraid you're gonna try and have sex with her.

    • im not ging too she doesn't want too I have complete respect for that

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