Should I be afraid to text him?

We're not in a relationship yet. We used to text each other all the time, but it's waned recently. I did talk to him the other day, and he said he'd talk to me "tomorrow." He never did. Should I be afraid to text him first now? Is there a chance he'll get annoyed, like I'm taking "us" too seriously because we're not an item yet?

So is it fair to think that every three or four days, if I haven't heard from him, even if he was supposed to talk to me, I should text him? Or would that be pushing it, to constantly do it?


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  • He might actually be worried about annoying you. Most guys appreciate and prefer it when girls text them first. And if he does like you that way, I'm positive that he'll love it, even if he doesn't show or say it.

    • Even though he said he'd talk to ME?

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    • To forget about me altogether says I shouldn't text him, because apparently I don't mean much.

    • Even the most important things can slip our minds. It has happened to me before, and to many people I know. If you're the confrontational type, maybe you should tell him how you feel about this.

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  • Any idea why it waned? Any changes in his life recently?

    Do you see him or is there a reason why this is all text/phone so far?

    If he said yesterday that he'd talk to you tomorrow (today) then I'd text him tomorrow. Be casual like "hey what have you been up to?" instead of like "why didn't you call me yesterday".

    • No, he said tomorrow like three days ago. We haven't seen each other in a while, but we're going to soon.

    • Oh yea then I'd just casually text him and ask what he's been up to. Nothing to be afraid of.

      Though, be prepared and don't feel dejected if he does not text you back immediately.


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