Guys, does 'I like hanging out with you' mean, 'I just want sex'?

my ex and I still commute he is deciding if he wants to get back together. he keeps saying it needs to be different than last time for it to work.

he has dropped marriage ideas too.

yet I tell him I want more than friends or sex. he says he still likes hanging out with me and hasn't decided yet.

what does that mean?


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  • i really wish girls would stop thinking like that. it means he likes hanging out with you

    • as friends with sex or as old lovers he wants to fix and get back together with, that was the point of my question which one do you think ? :)

    • to be honest ithink only you have the background info to accurately guess that

    • u free to talk on chat on here maybe help me out

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  • He may want to remain friends. "Hanging out" in this case means spending time with you that's not romantic and with no pressure.

    • ive told him I don't want to be friends and by him implying to meet up it means he wants more. and that's not what I want

    • Then he probably wants to get back together by the sound of it.

  • Well if he's not ready to commit he won't commit. I think he wants to hang out not expect sex but hope to get around to it once in awhile. Maybe feel things out?

    • we dated for almost 1.5 years he is the commitment type, but work is demanidng so much of him lately

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    • Second guessing going back out.

    • u mean back out by making himself single. dude I'm so sick of this sitaution I'm in, I want to fix it

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