Would you call it a date?

I went out with my friends, my best friend's best friend, Gaby, was gonna go if she could have someone give her a ride. I live near hers and so I offered her the ride. by the way I like her. So I pick her up at her house, we met with our friends, a normal thing. While we were with our friends Gaby told me she want to go to the movies. Later that night I told her we could go next Wednesday. She said yes, then she remembered she will be on a trip this week so she told me to reschedule it to next Wednesday.

Another thing, she knows it's just the two of us going to the movies. By the story above I think some people might think she doesn't know.

Is it a good sign that she reschedule it?

And if so, would you call it a date?


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  • It's a good sign she rescheduled it, means she actually wants to go with you.

    I think it's a date, but don't bother labeling it for now. See how it goes, and if things are great, by all means ask her out more formally.


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