Things are going slow, is that a good or bad thing?

I met him 2.5 weeks ago, and its been a week since he took me on a date. I asked him over the weekend if he wanted to get together but he was busy all weekend and reassured me we would talk soon.

I sent him a text yesterday to say hello and now we are texting a bit, he is wanting updates from me about my life, saying cute things.

I am just wondering why he hasn't asked to see me in over a week now. We haven't slept together. You would think if he actually cared, he would reassure to me that he is busy or whatever.


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  • Hmm, be careful! Sounds like he might have a girlfriend to me... he's hiding something for definite. No it's not a good thing to have not had a date in a week, something suspicious going on!

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