Where can I hang out?

school holidays!

this is a stupid question but I'm hoping I'll get at least one good reply.

so I have no idea where to hang out with my friends. I really want to get of the house. so don't say invite them over or go to their house.

shopping centers and movies are way too boring.

we've been to the cbd a couple of times and that was fun but I need more options.

bowling is out of the question for me cause..well...it's a long story.

so do you have any ideas on where to hang out?

also I'm 16 and cannot drive. my mum is sometimes busy so it needs to be places that are easy to get to
i should also add that it's winter. but there's no snow in australia in case you didn't know.


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  • Go to cafes.

    • But only if they can speak at a reasonable volume like civilised adults, and not, you know, like screaming tweens.

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    • wow. screaming. really?

    • Yeah, the kids over here aren't quite as loud as Spanish kids, but they are pretty loud.

      Spanish kids are the worst.

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  • In the air, heading towards the earth, after jumping out of a plane, because skydiving is so radical!

    • good idea but not quite appropriate

    • What lol? You wouldn't try it? You might as well experience new things, so you can talk about it later :).

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  • I think you should go to ice skating, roller skating, and if you enjoy swimming, you could go to a indoor pool. I don't know all the choices you have in austrialia, because I'm from the states. But since your mom is sometimes busy, you should find something where you can stay there all day so you mom can drop you and your friends off and then come back later when she's no t busy. I hope this helped you! :)

  • Are there any theme parks around?

  • you can walk to the local Municipal pool and just sun bath, or maybe the YMCA has one.

    • ok get a free membership at YMCA and go to their indoor pool or go to the University indoor pools. something like that... Just go swimming. And also you can always go to the park and just have a picnic, read, or listen to music on your ipod and such... it's cold out? Then just walk around talking. No need to stay out too much to get a cold (I don't like winters much, I'm from WI)

  • What is a cbd? But anyways, like the guy said, cofee shops are a good idea but not if you're gonna be loud because people go there to relax. You can hang out at any restaurant close by. I remember our hang out was the local Tex-Mex restaurant with cheap food and drinks, where they sometimes didn't check I.D.'s. Before that it was Cici's Pizza when they had the $2.99 buffets lol. Those were good times :,(.

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