Is he over me because I called him out?

So I was talking to this guy of whom I really liked, everything was going really great. He texted me good morning beautiful every morning, met my parents, had a lot of fun together, etc. Before I started talking to him he would flirt or try to get with a lot of girls. I know this because a lot of my friends went to school with him and know him a lot better than I do.

Well while we were still talking one of my friends told me he was commenting on other girl's pictures calling them beautiful and cute. I didn't let it bother me because we're not dating yet, so who am I to tell him to stop? So I let it slide. Then one day I saw he just kept doing it, and it did start to bother me. So that night when I got home I confronted him about it and told him I really bothered me, and wasn't respectful to me. All he said was 'okay' and we didn't talk for three days. I know I came across clingy and obsessive..which I know is why he stopped trying to talk to me, I get that. But if something bothered me..shouldn't I be able to tell a guy I like and him understand? It's not like I told him to stop, just that it bothered me.

Well, I texted him the third day saying " Cutting off communication with someone? Good strategy, I need to try that one day. Ha. Peace out." I would rather end it than look stupid. He texted me back saying "Sorry, I've been kinda busy, plus my phone's been f**cked up, and I've been giving you space." What does that mean? So I said okay, I'll talk to you whenever then.

The next day I saw on Facebook that he's hanging out with another girl and posting statuses about it. The same girl is posting hearts under every status he makes. I really don't want to think I'm being played, or he moved on because I called him out..since after I did he hasn't commented on any girl's pictures calling them beautiful..and told me he would never hurt me. So what do I do? He 'can't wait until this weekend' according to his I trust him and keep giving HIM space..or drop the loser and move on?

Yall are right, damn it. I don't care, I can get any guy I want. (Not trying to sound conceited.) But he's going to try to talk to me again, I know him. So, I'm going to get him back before I move on. What goes around comes back around. :)


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  • How do you drop someone who's already dropped you?

    Anyway, move on.


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  • Drop loser and move on :) , if you do actually get together he will always be around girl and your going to get hurt ! :D Go for a MAN not that wimp :D

  • Honestly...I'd say move on. He's playing the game and personally, I don't like guys/girls who plays game...

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