What is going on, does she like me or not?

So there is this girl who broke up with her ex few months ago and he is attempting to get her back. I know this girl for about a year now, but over the past 2 months we started hanging a bit more and flirting quite a bit. So on my birthday I got drunk and took her hand and locked it in mine and she did not resist at all. My friend asked her if she liked me and she had very neutral reaction to it (but usually when someone suggests that someone might be interested in her or suggests she might be interested in some she does not like she has a disgusted look on her face) We were supposed to party the next day, but she said, she had food poisoning and excused her self (or so she claims). because he ex does not like us hanging out to much and gets involved in her life way to much.

But after that we started hanging out again her flirting has increased, and she posed a question one asking "We are just doing this as friends ryt?" and I did not give her a direct answer. She later also suggested I had feelings for her, But I did not respond to it.

Later when we hung out she made a joke (in what my friend calls a passive aggressive way) that I'm horny when I'm drunk (probably referring to my birthday, after a month after it happened).

So she opened up to my friend one day and told how she was hurt from her previous relationship and how from a young age she could not trust any one. She also said right now she does not want to date anyone. So I decided to stop flirting with her. So I called her the other day to confirm our plans of hanging out and did not flirt at all but was quite cut and dry, and she attempted to carry the convo, but I did not.

So when we meet up the next day she was very very flirty with me, she also meet my brother for the first time that day, and she was telling me how I had the looks in the family and I'm a generally a good looking guy in a very flirty way, and she was punching tickling and what not, like how we usually do.

She flirty by nature but with me she is over the top flirty in a sexually way as well (biting and licking her lips sometimes). My friend thinks she might like me, but she want to wait it out, and get to know me better and for her to completely recover before we get involved what do you think?


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  • I think it never hurts to get to know someone better. If she recently broke up with an ex, I think you should wait some more. Getting positive feedback from being overly flirty probably boosts her confidence after being hurt so badly by her ex. Wait it out a little more if you really like her, but if not I'm sure you could get other girls. You don't want to be the rebound!

    • Yeah I don't mind waiting. But do you think she could like me? Becuz the girl has an amazing personality. But if she is just flirting for the heck of it, than I want to move on. What do you think?

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    • I mean she might have been trying to see how you were feeling; gauge your response. I think there's a good chance she likes you. If you really want to find out, you could just ask her out. Then you'll really know if you should move on or not!

    • I also forgot to mention, that when my friend ran into her ex and her, few days ago. They seemed flirty. But later that day he tried to use my friend to manipulate her, and she seemed revengeful to him back.

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