Should I text him something flirty? I need to do something before it's too late....:S

I like this guy who I haven't exactly talked to/hung out with in days. It kind of went bad when he found out that I was maybe getting back with my ex. Apparently he said he didn't care and although he's been nice about everything, he hasn't exactly called at all or text...not that he really ever did to begin with but I miss hanging out with him. I told him that me and my ex weren't going to be together cause my ex is a total jerk. Now, I'm all lonely and have all this time to think about stuff that has been driving me crazy. The guy that I liked was more of a FWB, but I do miss his company. I don't want to call cause the convo will in no doubt be what do I text him to get his attention? Since he was my FWB, should I text him something flirty? Some advice would be great on what you think this guy is thinking, what I should text him, and what I should do about the situation...I don't mean to ask for much but I've been continuing crying and have no one to go to. :/


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  • what happen to ya?


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