Was he acting this way to get in my pants?

Ok so I started dating this guy not boyfriend/girlfriend just dating and he was the sweetest thing, he cared about me, he would talk everyday, we hanged out, he introduced me to his best friend and older brother, etc, but he's been acting really weird this days he won't talk to me unless I do, he's not his usual self and I asked him what's wrong and he told me that he just started a proyect with his dad at work and that he's super tired but he deleted me from bbm and I Haven't heard from him I sent him a message on Facebook asking what the hells wrong with him but he hasn't answered. Was he acting this way to get into my pants? We had sex, so now that he got what he wanted his just gonna act like nothings happened?


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  • I had the same problem. We had sex and then everything was really weird for awhile but then it cooled down. I say give it some time (maybe like a week) then call him and try talking to him, maybe even around him

    • So I sent him the message on Facebook, I sounded really mad but he didn't asnwer back, should I move on or still give him some time? I really like this guy so I don't know what to do

    • wait a couple days and see if he makes contact, if he doesn't then move on

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