Why would a frenemy hang out with you if she hates you?

Especially if she's passive-aggressive and sneakily nasty.

...because revenge is a dish best served cold?

...to get the dirt so that she can pass it on to other frenemies she's friends with?

I would really like to know.


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  • Frenemy Sometimes Will And Sometimes Don't. Depend If She Thinks It Will Benefit Her.

    I Say You Should Just Be careful With Her. Mostly On The Parts When You Tell Her Your Weakness (Secrets, Feelings, Thoughts) Cause You Never Know When Everything Goes From Bad To Worst. If You Really Feel She Is Your Best Friend For Life Or Someone You Don't Want To Lose For Sure; Talk To Her About. I Mean That's What Friends Are For. If She Takes It Wrong Then Leave Her Alone To Think, To Understand. I Don't Know What Else To Say. Maybe Understand Her Too By Being In Her Shoes? For Sure Talk About It To Make The Relationship Strong Or Maybe End It For Good.

    • Why do you capitalize every word? Do you not want certain words to feel bad that they're not important enough to be capitalized?

    • lol

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  • maybe it has to deal with keeping your enemies closer than actual friends. Or maybe she's trying to gain trust, or maybe she just wants to be your friend.

    • But if she's trying to be a friend, why purposefully act inconsiderate and rude?

  • Um, didn't you just call her a "frenemy?"

    Isn't that a combination of "friend" and "enemy?"

    Don't friends hang out with each other?


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