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Has anyone ever shamed you on a dating site?

So was just talking to a female friend and this one guy just gave her so much abuse for not being able to drive that she should have her life together at her age. My friend has suffered from blackouts since she was child so she is unable to drive. And she walks everywhere it’s not like she would depend on anyone to drive her around. So he blew of a great girl because she can’t drive 🙃 As a man I’ve couldn’t care less if you can drive, if you’re a vegan, hate pets, too tall, too short etc. If I end up really liking you none of the stuff is important.

I’m only new to the dating scene and would like to know if this is a common thing? Are people too picky?
People on dating apps are way too picky
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Has anyone ever shamed you on a dating site?
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