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What’s your favorite type of Man?

What does this man HAVE to be in order for you to be attracted to him.

Extras (did not fit in poll)

1. Play boy (best in bed, has multiple girls on his phone)
2. Hipster (Lumberjack look, big beard)
3. Romantic (obsessed with you/ gift giving is his love language/etc.
4. The nice guy (very nonchalant, doesn’t fuss, you’ll always get your way if you’re with him)
5. Geeky (loves anime/video games/marvel, etc.)
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6. Nerdy (very smart, introvert, etc.)
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7. Athletic (goes to the gym, loves the outdoors, etc.)
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8. Taken (has a wife, girlfriend, fiancé)
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9. Attractive (most handsome in the room)
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10. Bad boy (tattoos, dark past, he doesn’t have to actually be bad, he just has the image of a ‘bad boy’)
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11. Mixture of some (comment your mixture) also comment if there wasn’t something up here that I should have added.
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What’s your favorite type of Man?
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