Am I being made a fool of again?

I have never had a really good relationship with a man and feel I stuck in a pattern of choosing the wrong partner/date even. I had an email returned by a guy on a dating site. He wanted to email to get to know me first before we met. We texted for the past two weeks. He has allegedly been away with work this week but we were going to meet for a date tonight. Earlier in the day I checked if he could still meet me and he said he wouldn't make the date because of his flight. The guy said via text that he really wants to meet me, but as usual I feel a sense of anxiety and mistrust. However this is how I have always felt as my dad told me could not see me anymore when I was nine years old. Can anyone give me advice on how to break this pattern. The bottom line is that even my long term partners are not there for me or do not care about me.


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  • well the first step in breaking a pattern is to deal with underlying issues in your past...we as people tend to relive the most traumatic points in our life over and over...just a suggestion start concelling on a personal level... since you mentioned the situation with your father and this man gave you the same feeling...meaning that its connected once you work past that you start to break new ground in your dating of luck

    • Thank you for your advice. I really appreciate it.

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  • see a hypnotherapist & find your root of all these issues


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