The first date, what to do?

All righty

I have my first date tomorrow and I'm sort of freaking out

How/what should I do! Share your experience, the bad and the good!


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  • Tips: Pay, unless she INSISTS on splitting the tab, open the door for her (even your car door), pull out her chair, ask her about herself, and then LISTEN. Make good eye contact, so she knows your listening and ask follow-up questions. What are her passions? I'm assuming she plays a sport, is in a club, works, something...ask her about it, what she likes/dislikes. Most people, male or female, are moved by someone who asks them what they think and then truly listens. Show up with a plan...not "so, what do you want to do?" At least say something like, "So, do you like Italian?" Girls get annoyed with guys who ask them out and then have NO plan at all. Make sure you go up to her door, ring the bell and talk to her parents for a bit. Hanging in the driveway, honking the horn irritates parents...makes them feel you aren't respecting their daughter or them.

    Get her home by her curfew, so you stay in good with the folks, and she doesn't have explaining to do. You're young, so don't worry about trying for a kiss on a her first date...that can always come later. But DO walk her up to her door...again, respect. You drop your buddies off at the curb, not your date.

    Good luck! You'll be great...she already said yes, so don't worry. She LIKES you. :)


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  • lunch and a walk around town

  • Open doors for her (not the car)

    have breath mints / gum


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