Online dating vs real life dating?

By online dating I mean you meet someone online and you talk to them. Just emailing, IMing, nothing more. You never meet in real life and probably won't. So why do so many people think the person they are emailing is someone they are dating? I mean, it's not's fake. They don't even know this person, everyone is different online than in person. And they could be lying to you and you would never even know.


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  • I guess to the people dating online it's real for them. Real enough to have developed feelings for that person and forge some sort of a relationship. Some people get really lonely and feel that an online relationship is the only way to go for them. They either have social issues or just don't want to be bothered by going out and having a face to face relationship.

    Now I do think it is kind of silly because yes, people do lie in online relationships and the deceit can be greater than in face to face because they haven't met the person or they don't see them often enough to know their true character. But I guess those who choose to have an online only relationship have their reasons. Lying and deceit happen in real life as well.


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  • Sometimes you "meet" someone online and you find yourself sharing emails or messages more than you would have thought, and you get a little excitement and anticipation when the next message arrives... you flirt a little in replies, and you find yourself hoping they'll do the same.

    Yes, it isn't real, I guess, and perhaps it isn't very meaningful, but it happens, and it can be a nice feeling for what it is worth...

  • Exactly.

  • There is a real person behind that monitor that you are talking to. You can really tell who the person really is when their social restraints have been removed from the equation; hence why they 'seem' different. In reality, the way you act online is a clear picture of the mentality of the person offline. If hey lie online they are more then likely fakes in person.

  • I could understand if they are getting to know each other online and have intentions on meeting, but not something that is only online and that's all it will ever be. I actually didn't realize people did that. I live under a rock, though.

    • I could understand if they planned on meeting, but often times I read questions on here where people meet on fb and live in different countries and "plan to visit" and consider that their bf/gf..

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  • Hmm I've never done the online thing that you described. Once I start emailing a dude,I usually meet them.

  • this question is a great's my answer.

    i met this really great guy through GAG. we got to know each other and the chemistry is...amazing. I've never felt this way about anyone I've dated in real life. we only email and IM but both of us get SO much out of it. it's so nice to know that I have someone like him to talk to. I know that we aren't dating and I know that he could be lying to me...but right now, he's what I need in my life. I need the companionship and the chemistry without the complications. so sure, it may not be 'real,' but it makes me so happy. it feels like we're dating, it feels like we're in a relationship, but both of us know that we aren't. we just need each other right now and this system is working for us.

    • That's great. I guess one of the reasons why this is hard for me to understand is because it has never happened to me and who knows, if this does, maybe I'll feel differently. But I'm glad you met this guy and he's there for you.

    • I agree... you know it isn't real, even though it can feel that way.

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