What was your first kiss like?...Good or bad?

me and my boyfriend were talking about this last night. his was at a party when he was 15. mine was when I was 14. under my crushes plum tree and I'm from the South where a lot of people dip. I knew he dipped because he was 16. but I wasn't thinkin he had tobacco in his mouth at the very moment and we kissed with every bit of tongue and his dip spit and tobacco was ALL in my mouth! I was pissed and I remember seeing him at school and he asked me out and I said yes anyway:)


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  • Mine was terrible too.

    i was also 14 and he was 15.

    It was my first, and I didn't want to sound dumb,

    so I didn't tell him it was my first.

    It was at a bus station. he started kissing

    me, and I just stood there like a brain dead moron.

    didn't move my lips or anything.

    He looked at me funny afterward and said, Did

    you forget how? lol

    I don't think my real first kiss counts because

    it wasn't willingly,

    but also when I was 9, some friends and

    me were playing spin the bottle, and the guy that

    had to kiss me slobbered all over my mouth. Ugh nasty.

    • lol...i guess everyones was pretty disgusting

    • "Did you forget how?"! That's even better than "Wanna try that again?" This is hilarious.

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  • I haven't had a real one yet. I had one in a dream and it was awesome.

  • was 16, almost 17, in a Van


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  • I still remember my first kiss, it was with the first guy I had a crush on in high school, we were both 12. He had to go and take his braces/retainer out before we kissed. I remember it being quite daugnting, progressing from quick kiss on the lips and work up to a full tongue snog, which went on for a good hour. I think we perfected it in the end, but I do rememebr thinking this feels quite nice, a lot better than I thought it would. It's so nice once you get past that stage though and can just kiss spontaniously without having to pre-think every movement.

    • at least someone had a good first kiss

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    • lol...mine was 6 years ago. it was a good kiss...but the taste was kinda ew...no very. very ew

    • Always brush your teeth before going out on a kissing spree and don't chew gum, it makes you produce more saliva which is not so nice, mints are better for quick freshness, offer the guy one on meeting as a conversation opener before you get to the kiss! x

  • Mine was when I was 16. This guy I had liked for years had just asked me out and we were at my grandma's house. We did it around the corner of the house so no one could see. I was awful. It was messy and I was so nervous about kissing him for the first time. When we pulled away he was all like "well... you wanna try that again?" It was so awkward. LOL

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