I'm missing this guy's kisses like crazy. It's giving me an epic headache. Please help me get over this?

I miss him so much. I can't help it. We haven't spoken in about three or four months now. It was so strange. He had been treating me like his girlfriend then randomly stopped talking to me. He would never let me pay for anything, gave me massages all of the time, always wanted me to sleep on his chest, rubbed my stomach for me to help me sleep, kissed me all over randomly on my shoulders, my forehead, three pecks on my nose, everywhere...even kissed me when I woke up in his arms with morning breath! lol Drove thirty minutes away at 3 a.m. to pick me up because I said I wanted to see him. Mentioned me going to visit his family in Spain with him. Talked about how much he missed me and he couldn't wait to get to know me. Then just started ignoring me. I had tried calling and texting him and he never replied. Then freakishly, I ran into him at the same place twice when I wasn't ev en supposed to be there that day. All because he decided to park somewhere else. I can't help but miss him. I don't know why he stopped talking to me but just being with him was like an instant remedy. His kisses felt so good and I miss him tons. I just don't know what to do. Please give me some advice1 Why do you think he stopped talking to me? How can I get over this and stop thinking about him?

we both have to move eventually that could be why but if that was why then why wouldn't he just explain that to me? ugh I don't know I hate my brain right now


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  • maybe because guys generally like to make women suffer. I'm not sure myself why they can;t just speak properly to us rationally and have a discussion/coversation where we can come to a clear solution/conclusion. I think it makes them feel great to know some girl is drooling over them day and night..hmm

    • idk this guy doesn't seem like that but I don't know I just want answers. if I ever see him again, I'm just gonna walk right up to him confidently and ask him wtf happened lol

    • yeh that would be a good idea. in my case I won;t ever see him again. but if you do you should so you can get it of your chest that would be good

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