She says I should come visit her

So this girl that I recently reconnected with had a three week fling. We met up just to say hi which turned into a long date and then hanging out and a couple more dates. This was an insane busy 3 weeks for her as she was getting ready to move but I got some quality time in. Tomorrow she moves. I didn't get my last face to face with her as I wanted due to her trying to pack and finalize everything. We had a good conversation today though. Sucks because she's leaving. During the conversation she said I should come visit. I asked if that was an open invitation and she said yes. So I'm pretty sure she likes me but moving away kinda kept her from owning up to it. I mean we kiss every time we're around each other and she has told me she appreciates the things I've helped her do.

So if she's willing to have me visit, is that being friendly or her telling me Because she wants to see me in a romantic way? We talked how we'll keep in touch and she asked for my address so she could send me a birthday card. I just want some advice. I mean there's a 2 months between now and when I could visit so who knows but at this point if I went to visit her would I be wrong assuming that things could pick up where the left off. I mean if I when I see her and greet her with a kiss would I be in the wrong?


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  • No go for it~


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