What makes you think a girl only dates rich men?

i am an average looking normal 22 year old college student. it seems like most people I encounter assume I'm interested in dating rich guys or jewish men... I don't dress flashy or designer clothes- just normal ones...

what about a girl would make you think she only dates rich guys?


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  • I've noticed that too. There are a lot of questions on here from guys basically assuming the same thing. Some think that all women want is money. That is not true, there are a lot of good women out there. I hate when people just assume things like that. I think it's probably just the fact that you are female that people are putting that assumption on your, it just seems to be the way society is. We live in a consumerism culture and people want things that they cannot afford. So I guess just naturally people are making the assumption that you want only rich men. It's not a correct assumption though. I would just try to ignore those people.

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