Should I call him?

theres a guy I met about a week ago ! and he has my number and all and he calls me everynight and we talk for so long , I tried calling him once but he was busy and said ill call you back later and he did , but now I'm too scared to call him because its embarising when he says his busy and I enterupt so what should I do should I call him ? please give me advice :)


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  • Well you have to start calling him because you don't want to be in the kind of relationship where your needs don't matter. You should be able to talk to him when you want and vice versa. You call him around the time he usually calls you. He should be available. And even if he's busy, don't give up. Don't be the typical female waiting for a guy to call. Take action! Good luck! :)

    • thank you heaps ! :)

      alright shall do