How long would you wait to date again if your partner passed?

My partner passed away 4 months ago. Recently a guy friend has been hanging around me more and yesterday he asked me out to lunch. I assumed it was as friends since it has not been long since my partner passed away but now I'm not too sure. My question to guys on this site is how long would you wait after your crushes partner had passed before you started showing interest? I'm not ready to date any guys yet and I don't want to lead him on by going to lunch with him :-/


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  • Just be up front with him.

    Look Xxxx, I really appreciate you taking me out to lunch. Recent events have hit me harder than I thought and I am not quite ready to enjoy life. I'm not saying that I will never love again, just not right now. Not while my heart is still fractured.

    And if I do pursue something I would rather it be for love and not some coping mechanism to get over Yyyyy. The last thing I want to do is to hurt again over a rebound relationship. Let me get my life in order and take things from there. I know you are a great guy Xxxx and you will understand my cautious nature right now.

    Something to that effect.


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