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I think my girlfriend of 2 years is cheating on me how can I know for sure/ am I overreacting?

so my girlfriend recently became a stripper again and works entire weeks away in another state away from me and she's been lying about doing drugs and lied about having a three way with 3 girls and she's been drinking and taking pictures with other guys that are fucking her friends for money but she conveniently is always the one who doesn't fuck or leaves the room
there's evidence to support this however she never told me about the girls and my gut knew something was up the moment I locked eyes with her when I seen her and I instantly knew,
now im getting this same feeling 10x worse than ever in my life and she's been deleting text messages of YEARS because she sent a gross picture and deleted the entire thread instead of removing the image itself. strange
and now she's been liking this new guys Instagram posts as early back as 5 days ago and she knew him and she started talking to him the first month into our relationship
and she adamantly told me she only saves important messages i. e, conveniently her friends messages are all older messages that are cutesy and SFW if you will when they talk daily
and the first message between the two is a video THAT SHE SAVED of him in the shower with his -
and she's messaged him months ago talking about "damn take me in to get fit XDXDXD" sliding up on his workout snaps and LITERALLY THE 8TH OF THIS MONTH she slid up on a mirrior video of him at the gym asking to see him before the muscles
there was also hints in their older messages that implies they've had sex or she was thinking about it
and she has his phone number - facebook - messenger - snapchat - Instagram
and they talk like super recently and when I confront her about it she goes through so many different signs of a liar - breaking eye contact - pushing hair back - fidgeting - over explaining and harping on one detail - always some super generic response that explains it or she didn't see it that way
not to mention when we "broke up" previously, she had sex with a guy
I think my girlfriend of 2 years is cheating on me how can I know for sure/ am I overreacting?
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