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Relationship anxiety advice?

Whenever a new person comes into my boyfriends life I feel threatened in case he likes them more than me or finds them attractive. Recently my anxiety has been really bad. Whenever I see him messaging someone, I feel really anxious inside or even hearing someone's name makes me anxious especially if he seems to be having a good time with them. When my messages don't through I get really anxious in case he has gone out with someone who I think could sabotage our relationship. My boyfriend has made a new female friend who he works with and who he seems to message a lot. I feel threatened because the way he speaks seems more caring and open compared to how he talks to me. She has a boyfriend, which I keep reminding myself but the anxiety doesn't seem to want to go away and can take over sometimes. I have talked to him and he has reassured me that I shouldn't feel threatened. Does anyone have any advice on how I could feel less anxious?
Relationship anxiety advice?
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