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Boyfriend struggling with depression. What to make out of this?

Last night I wanted to have dinner together with my boyfriend. He came 2 hours later and wasn't really in the mood for sex. He asked me to go to a party since he wanted to take me out. He paid for everything, brought me a cognac for home and was much attentive in the club. Anyhow all the way to the club he got all philosophical and told me that he missed being himself, going to parties and be fun like he used to and that included impulsive decisions and that he's missing a purpose in life. He had a rough transition due to drugs usage and anxiety and depression. I have seen this side of him when we started going out and he would take me to dinner and open bottles of champagne for me. Gradually he stopped doing that. I love him but I feel that this is a completely new person that I'm discovering all over and he seems less attentive to my needs (for example last night I wanted to stay home and he wanted to go out but I felt like he needed it and I am truly glad he enjoyed it and danced a lot- i know that he wanted me to be there cause I told him to go and have fun and wouldn't accept going without me). The thing is he does a lot of big things but none of the small things like hearing my needs and respecting them, listening to me and not dismiss my ideas or thoughts. I don't doubt that he loves me. We sort of had a small argument cause while we were having fun he was like let's go home while I wanted to stay longer but then he went home to sleep and didn't come at my place. I suggested to meet tonight and have dinner and he agreed but I'm not sure what to expect he's kind of unpredictable these days. I don't want to push him cause he does a lot of things for me, just want to make him realise spending quality time is enough. I won't forget that he opened up to me and said that I met him during a weird phase in his life and that because of me he became better. I don't want to give up on him. This morning I texted him Thank you for last night, I absolutely love you!
Boyfriend struggling with depression. What to make out of this?
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