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Signs your ex’s friend likes you?

We broke up a while ago, but I’m curious if one of his friends liked me.

I’ve been told I’m quite pretty, his friend (lets call him Dan) follows me on Instagram. There were two different occasions where Dan texted me out of the blue. One was when I was with my boyfriend, he was teasingly asking me dumb questions. And another when they were drunk at a party, he took his phone to text me more dumb stuff.

But he was too shy to come up to me in person that time in the pub but used to ask my boyfriend regularly when he could meet me.

He also used to make some jokes to my boyfriend about what our sex life would be like, which I found funny but ex boyfriend was not amused.

I always thought he was attractive, but I know about bro code and don’t want to go there unless I’m sure I have a chance. For extra info, they’re not close anymore and my ex secretly hates him because their friends prefer Dan over him.

So do you think these were signs of interest in me? The wanting to meet me was what really got me thinking since none of his other friends seemed that bothered…
Signs your ex’s friend likes you?
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