Would giving him my number be odd in this situation? He wished me a happy b-day on Facebook...unusual for him?

So, the guy that I like doesn't usually write on other people's Facebook walls, or if he does he must delete it from his wall. I was curious because he wished me a happy birthday and left the news feed info on his wall. Do you think him wishing me a happy birthday and leaving the news feed info up on his wall is a good sign? (P.S. I could just be reading into things because I like him. What do you think?)

I thought about saying thank you and mentioning hanging out some time, plus slipping in my number. Is that too much?

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  • meant to go c ha ha but you could be reading into it a little too much but I could be wrong. If you think that this is very unusual for him then maybe you should attempt to hang out. But don't throw your number in the same message that you ask him to hangout

    • Why not? Does giving him my number in the same message/comment seem desperate/needy? I know he doesn't have my number...

    • P.S. we've hung out before, but only on our college campus.

    • it seems odd I guess. Maybe just cause I usually call or ask face to face. The better way in my opinion is to ask if he wants to hang out, wait for his response, if its a yes then give him your number.

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  • You are def reading too much into it


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  • It's hard to say whether he likes you just from that. I think you might be reading a little too much into things, but it wouldn't hurt to leave him a thank you message and ask him to hang out anyway. It couldn't hurt, could it? You just never know what might happen.

  • you might be reading into it a bit much, but I think you should still ask him to hang out.

  • say thanks, maybe start a conversation next time he's online, but if you say you wanna hang out and give him is number it might be awkward.

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