Is dating worth it any more?

OK I'm going to tell you this is long but bare with me. I'm 17 I know I know what's a 17 year old asking for dating advise for.Well 17 is a good age to where you go from high school to college and you make the big jump for a more rest of your life job(not the fast food job lol).you may laugh but are girls worth it anymore and I will get to why I ask this below

..OK that was off track BUT it had to be said I have talked to friends about this..they say I'm not nice to girls(this comes from a friend that has a new girl friend every week..i haven't had one in 5 years.

..but this is why they say I'm to nice to girls my dad raised me to respect females(almost to the point to where the girl kicks you in the balls and you say nothing).and my dad told me if a girl does that its for a good reason so you better tell her sorry after you get up off the floor.

.but OK ok I'm going to get to it I have dated 5 girls in my life lol so far.but I'm going to speed this up for you 1st girl I dated for 2 years her parents where such bad parents they wouldn't even teach her to drive..well me being a good boyfriend and having my dad telling me over and over to get a job..i helped PAY FOR her car 2 weeks later she dumped me for my friend that's.. she's been sleeping with for the past year...yay

2nd was a very good girlfriend and when I was dating her I was still dump strick about my last girlfriend I didn't treat her like I should have and I kick my self for it 3rd girl I dated her for 8 months and when she broke up with me she showed me EVERY LAST text or letter I wrote her she showed ALL her friend even her guy friends there for crushing my trust in girls and to save you time and my heart I'm not going to tell you the other girls

but I have been told over and over what I doing wrong is I'm treating girls to nice..i want to treat my girlfriend like a princess ..but my friends that have girls say and I kid you not " you need to keep you hand strong when you deal with girls"...

so back to what I said up top where I'm at right now talking to some of my friends I have came up with I'm really really in to law enforcement so my goal is to go in to law enforcement and reach the S.W.A.T team..or lol become a monk..or join the army and climb the ranks...or should I give girls another shot because being a nice guy isn't working so girls what am I doing wrong?


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  • Dating isn't worth it.

    You're not being a nice guy you're being a pushover.

    • lol a push over how so

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    • think you so much this helped a lot but there still is some dout I have but those things I need to work out myself but think you

    • No problem.

      Good luck with dating as I see you're not thinking dating isn't worth it anymore

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  • You just haven't found the one for you. Like I've been cheated on five times in a row. What did I do? Nothing. You just have to find the one that respects you.

    • i know what you trying to say but..idk if its even worth it anymore..i feel sorry for the next girl hat comes in my lifes ..shes going to have to jump threw flameing hoops for me to trust girls again..

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    • it might just be the girls I'm around (town,school) most are sluts

    • It may be. You could try moving somewhere else.. there's got to be someone in your town though that's not so shallow though. Don't give up hope.

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  • LOL what is wrong with you dude, buying a girl a car? Buy her ear ring or some sh*t instead. Ye women can be total bitches you just have to find good ones, set very high standards for your self and test their character to see if she is worth the effort you put into her, or else don't treat her like a goddamn goddess cause that is plain stupid, some women do deserve to be treated as goddess (especially single moms) but many really don't deserve to be treated much nicer than you would your dog.

    • i agree by what I have seen some girls treat there boyfriends but it can go both ways ..but yes I know it was dumb see I knew the girl since we were born it was kinda hard to say no

  • Be patient and less trusting. Buying that girl a car was a huge mistake!