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Is it reasonable for a 27-year old guy to date a 19 year old girl?

Hi there. I'm a 27-year old college student who is graduating late, due to my utter lack of motivation I have had in the past due to social anxiety and depression. As I have gotten older, I've improved greatly in this regard, however. I work at a fairly busy restaurant in my town currently, and have worked there for around 5 years now. Most of my coworkers range in age from 16 to 22, with a few exceptions. There are a lot of cute girls that work there as well. One of them is 19, and has flirted with me a fair amount. We like to joke around, and she respects me as being perhaps the best employee there, from all my experience. She has also made comments about me being intelligent when I talked to her about my coding thesis. I found out the other day that she is single, and it was her last day there before leaving for winter break. So at the end of her shift, I got her to come outside and I told her I think she is cute and asked her if she'd be down to hang out sometime after break and she agreed and gave me her snapchat. She seems mature for her age, but the age gap is still there. The dynamic is basically she's outgoing and social and i'm a quieter but funny and smart guy, and it seems to flow pretty well between us. Does this sound like a good idea? Also, how would I make this work in a college town? I don't know what we'd be able to do, as there isn't much to do here other than go to restaurants and bars. But I do like to go out and play music so that's at least one option.
Is it reasonable for a 27-year old guy to date a 19 year old girl?
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