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Am I wrong to be irritated?

So my girlfriend is hosting a party in 2 days and she's invited a few people. Suddenly she texts me saying "can you please play the guitar at the party". I used to play mediocre guitar at the starting of the year (January) and since then she knows i haven't played or touched the guitar. I told her that I don't know idr how to play it, and I obviously can't learn or get accustomed to it in 2 days. She kept saying how it's gonna be fun and I should. I told her i would've tried to, but I can't now 2 days before party. So there's another guy who she used to like 3 years back, she said "you can play it with him it'll be fun". I again told her idr, I played it back in January so obv I don't remember. She texted "okay then go I'm not talking to you". I got so so so irritated because that guy doesn't play sports, so playing guitar one extra thing he does. I play sports, so that's one thing I do except from studies. I don't get how she can expect me to play it after MONTHS, and that too 2 days before and even remotely compar the two of us.
Am I wrong to be irritated?
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