GUYS: how often do you hang out with your friends?

and do you guys have "sleepovers"?

OK so I thought this was just girls who did this kind of thing, but my boyfriend sees his best friend EVERYDAY. if they don't see each other everyday, it's at least 5 days a week...and not just for a few hours but all day, and they usually sleep over at each others houses (because they live somewhat far away from each other, but definitely within driving distance!)

So, I'm just wondering if other guys do this because (maybe I'm weird) but I see my best friends a few times a week or whatever, but not everyday..that seems so excessive to me lol. and it has sort of become annoying that he sees his friend more than me for the most part (we have been dating a little over 2 years)


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  • I see my friends about once a week or so. I usually talk to them on FB and text a few more times a week. The guy I consider my best friend I used to see everyday (about 5 times a week) before the situation changed so as to make the journey not worth it (I live too far away).

    When I'm with my friends, generally on the weekend, I usually stay with them overnight because I'm lazy and going home is a bit of a drive.

    I think you should find out what kind of guy he is. Will he give you preferential treatment over the friend or is it hard to get him to listen to you when the friend is there? If you are given treatment over the friend, then you're his priority and congratulations, he might actually love you. If you can't pry him away from his friend then he might just have a girlfriend so he can say he has one.

    Now, remember, guys attention and girls are two completely different beasts. Asking for "you time" when he's already engaged isn't usually the best option as he'll be trying to get back to what he was doing first and not be in the moment. (Although, if he DOES choose you over the friend then yey) but you could ruin a planned activity with the friend... or he might not want to get out of it. I mean, ask in advance! Maybe two days or so. If he still wants to be with his friend then you are a trophy, or a sex toy. Either way, bad. If he says yes but wants to invite the friend along either he might have you as a trophy, or he could be gay\bisexual and hiding his feelings. If he says, sure no problem (and the actually carries it through), then you are his priority and a calm talk about the time he spends with his friend might be all that is necessary (which, actually, could end poorly).

    Also, have you tried getting involved? Like trying to hang out with the two of them all day? Maybe that might be something to try? Or think, has he tried to get you involved in that way?

    • haha ya everyone says the gay thing but that's def not the situation with him and his friend..ya I have but his friend hates me (for no reason honestly) and always tells my boyfriend to break up with me. so that's what makes this situation so difficult, otherwise I wouldn't have a problem with it. I think his friend "hates" me because I might be taking some more of my bfs time away from his friend, but idk? and my boyfriend has already told me he would choose his friend over me if he had to... :/

    • Drop him. If he'd choose him over you then you are just a pair of legs and boobs that he likes to play with every now and then. In his eyes you're no better than a magazine and tube-sock. So drop him and find someone who will love you for you! Drop him before his friend actually talks him into dropping you!

      By the way, the only girlfriends of my best friend I've hated was the girls I KNEW he was just using for sex and actually didn't love them. I couldn't see how they couldn't see it!

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  • Lol

    Of course guys have sleepovers, of course they spend tons of time with their buds, of course they're social and actually have a desire for the companionship of other guys - just like girls do.

    My bro is the same way with his besties; they meet up at who ever's house and disappear for a few days, spending the night interchangeably at each others house, maybe going over another friends house to stay the night, going out to clubs, or whatever - guys like being with their buddies, but honestly, who doesn't?

    • lol well it's not days now, it's like a whole month or so they've spent every waking hour together. I have never spent THAT much time with my best friends, so to me that's a bit weird.

    • Lol whoa, that is a long time. Maybe they are just really close, and I hope just friendship wise 0.0 yea that is kinda weird...