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Did my boyfriend block me?

So the day before we hooked up and after I dropped him off at home he texted me. Everything was fine until I told him how my parents got mad at me because I told them I was out with him. They told me my boyfriend was a waste of time. I told him and he said oh shit ok i see. So after I tell him that the texts stop. The next day I’m at work around 6am and he calls me and tries to hold a long conversation with me at work. I tell him I can’t talk and I have to go. An hour later I text him that I got my period and he was like oh okay and then my messages stop going through. The whole time I’m at work the message doesn’t say it’s been delivered until 2:48pm. He finally answers my text but doesn’t text me back until 11pm at night which is his lunch break.
Did my boyfriend block me?
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