Anybody else tired of this?

I'd like to apologize in advance, this is somewhat of a rant. I'm really tired of seeing questions about how women are cheating, lying whores. Sure, some women cheat, but then there are those that don't! I really wish guys would stop generalizing about women... If you REALLY think that we are such horrible people, then don't date us! Don't screw with us, don't talk to us, don't interact with us! It's not that hard. Instead of bitching about how we suck, grow up and live your own life.

I don't usually do this kind of thing, but I feel like some of the information/questions being presented on this site by insecure men are actually influencing how intelligent, relatively secure men are viewing women. At least, I'm noticing this change in the guys I talk to on this site.


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  • posts about women being needy ,clingy , excessively emotional, shallow , dependent, irrational ,confused passive aggressive, frivolous , self centered , indecisive, psychotic, lazy.. bother me more. mostly because there are posts about BOTH men and women cheating. Only women get stereotyped as 'naturally' pathetic. Men have to DOA something to be called clingy & irrational . It is just assumed women are inherently so. It should not bother me, but it is really annoying. And it is impossible to go through posts without seeing it implied or overt;y stated , at least 80% of the posts. &It is not men it s women also. & tis is about character not an act. Cheating you have to actually commit. These negative character assumptions are based on genitals. Its hypocritical, , ignorant, obnoxious & lazy-- which is irrational--bothers me,.

    posts about cheating.. not so much.

    • i totally understand your viewpoint.

    • " & It is not 'just' men it s women also. "

      "which is irrational- which bothers me"

      btw I think anyone who is not already prejudiced or willing to be at some point, won't give a sh*t about generalizations. they only feed on people who WANT to believe in them. no one is that gullible unless they want to be. Anyone who does not want to investigate, does not care about the truth. So I would not worry about I influencing people, tho it does not look good as far as how many people really think.

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  • Mostly guys who were truly hurt by someone cheating on them or insecure with something in there life think that way. It's not right I understand but just remember we do not all feel this way about women and that some women say the same things about us and how "all we want is to be players and cheat".

    It's more or less a personal issue with certain people

  • As Udolitrolli said, you just get to see what guys really think about things and you don't like it. It's not just 'guys on this site' who feel this way about the direction society is going. And I suppose just dropping out of the dating game doesn't do enough to change things, so 'poisoning the well', as you put it, is a way to force social change.

    • generating distrust. I feel like that's all that's being accomplished.

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    • i wish women and men could be transported to different planets and not require sex for procreation. totally impossible, but sometimes, I think it would be for the best.

    • We agree on that.

  • If the shoe fits, wear it. Otherwise, don't worry about it.

  • Just because our eyes are open, does NOT make us insecure dear.

    • Say that without being anonymous...see how well that turns out for you. Give me a break man there are guy cheaters too and it's all one big double edged sword of life

    • You're 20, maybe you haven't been around long enough to see how women really are?

    • 'how women really are'? are you serious? not ALL of us cheat... and if you do feel that way, I hope you're not planning on being with a woman.

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  • It goes in both directions. There are women who say things like "All guys are lying, cheating, assholes who only care about sex," etc.

    It would be nice to see both sexes stop generalizing about each other, but it's not likely to happen.

    But here's the thing: An intelligent, secure person isn't going to let generalizations like this change the way they view the opposite gender because they recognize that they are just generalizations.

    • i love your last statement, hope that really is the case :)

  • there are a handful of little boys on this site who have nothing better to do other than create multiple accounts so they can agree with themselves and go trolling anonymously, probably because their mummy's won't humour them. don't worry about it, they're the saddo's in life who will only ever live through their computers...and therein lies the future generation of serial killers and rapists...

    for the most part the guys on here are sound and give half-decent advice where they can.

    • here we go again, trying to up or down vote the anon's and guess's the same guys I've blocked or have blocked me...i rest my case ;) which deluded little alter-ego will I play with today?

    • LOL :p

  • I'm not tired of it.

    Reminds me how men truly view women when they have anonymity to hide behind.

    • i find it so disappointing... not ALL guys think like that...but the few insecure ones are poisoning the well, so to speak.

  • I totally agree. Especially this one anon. guy who just ripped all women & called us all whores & sluts because he had been cheated on once. Well who hasn't been hurt or cheated on or lied to at least once? I have & I don't hate all men. I don't rant & rave & called all men names. OMG! And he didn't even have the guts to say it without being Anonymous (no offense to you, miss).

    In general, be kind, don't blame the opposite gender for what your ex did to you, and don't name call all women/men for it. It's bad form. And it could be the reason you are having so much trouble finding a long term relationship.

  • Yeah I'm with Minxxe on this, its the same guys trolling with their sh*t. They got dumped and want to hurt us all, but if we did the same we would get slaughtered and called all kinds of names so just ignore them. It's thier loss if they hate women.