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Men don't like big women?

think men actually like fat women? or is it to make them feel better about themselves?
I am big and I've never met a guy, I'm ignored all the time. I'm quiet and I think guys want big women to be outgoing, I'm not like that. But I guess I'm screwed. I got told that the only way someone will date me is cause he's desperate enough or is settling cause he can't find better. I got told I'm low value also, and no high quality man will ever date me. It will also always be the insecure guys. someone asked why black dudes date big white women and she said he told her "do you think that we love them? no in actuality they will put up with anything"
can't trust anyone. Only time a guy seems interested in me is for sex.
guys online said only the guys with no self respect want us. And the guys on online dating are desperate for s3x.
it's true and you know it. guy told me he had to go for "lesser woman" and said the guys commenting that someone will want me is a "fairy tale" and not true.

hahaha I kinda figured.

someone said lose weight or "keep the handicap card in dating" or "the losers online date big women"
I give up, guys gave me lengthy answers too. so it sucks. good to know that the only dudes who will want me are desperate online dating dudes. so when they call me beautiful it's just cause they are desperate? my mom worked for a mail place and she said the men were gross to her.
wonder how many married men were saying that shit.
this is what worries me about finding a boyfriend. this is why I don't date lmao.
male dominated work places the way they talk is disgusting. guess this is "normal" for men. lmao locker room talk is disgusting. this is exactly why I don't date.

that's just great. I was hoping to find someone amazing but if they do this shit it's gross.
Men don't like big women?
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