Why hasn't he texted or called me or anything? What's going on with this guy?

So there's this guy who just moved to our school this year. He was in a few of my classes. In March he asked for my number which I gave o him. Before this we had never really talked. At this time I had boyfriend which he didn't know. He eventually told me after about a week that he liked me and wanted to go out with me. I told him no obviously but we still continued to talk for about a month until he just stopped texting one day. I just left it alone and figured he moved he had moved on. About a month later he randomly texted me again saying how he still liked me. I once again told him no. We still talked for like 2 weeks then he stopped again. About 3 weeks after that he randomly texted me asking how I did on y Spanish test that we had. We sent a few texts then he didn't anwser anymore. A week later which was the last week of school he began to text again basically everyday. He told me how he still liked me. I had just broken up with my boyfriend so I told him that I wasn't sure if I wanted a relationship right now. He said he would except that for now and we texted for about two more weeks until once again he said he would text me after his sport game but never did. This was almost 3 weeks ago and I haven't heard from him since except seeing him when we had to take a test after school let out where all he said was hi. About a week ago a guy friend of mine who I dated at one point and is friends with him as well told me he said that I was hot and was asking him why he had liked me, how our realtionship was why we broke up an stuff like that. That friend said it seemed like he still liked me. About two weeks ago I saw on Facebook he had a girlfriend but she broke up with him after like 5 days. He also told me I'm the only girl who has refused to go out with him. So if he still really does like me which I'm not sure he does, why hasn't he texted or called me or anything?


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  • maybe he lost patience

    he waited for you

    but you were in a relationship

    its not important that if he had a girlfriend then he stopped liking you maybe he just wanted to move on

    why don't you try to contact him

    he at least deserve that from you


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  • I'd say just forget about him. If you don't like him there's no point in waiting around for him.

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