When would you text her? What would you do?

Okay, so you're a guy(obviously lol) and you weren't looking for a girlfriend and was just having fun, but then you meet a girl whos different from any other girl you met. She's old fashioned, doesn't drink or smoke, and has never been in a relationship because she's in no rush. I guess you can call her wifey material lol

So you guys start talking and realize you have a lot in common and you tell her you want to get to know her. The hangouts you've had were always fun, and you were shocked that during your hangout she likes the same movies as you, and even plays video-games with you.

But then you find out your moving, but your planning on coming back in September. However, your scared to start something with this girl even though you really like her. So although you told her you guys are officially talking, you start to back away and not text her as much. She confronts you about it and when you tell her your confused, she tells you she'll give you some space.

So, you decide to not text her again but you still see her at work. On the last day of your job, she comes in and give you a little goodbye present, which is this little action figure of your favorite marvel character. But later when you guys are about to say goodbye, she tells you she wants to be just friends not because of the moving situation, but because of the mixed signals you gave her. And now you think she hates you, but she later texts you telling you she doesn't hate you and tells you to not be afraid to stay in touch.

A couple of days go by, and you find out from your friend back home that there's a rumor going around that he slept with another girl from work and the girl you liked heard about it. Would you be pissed and let the girl know its not true, or would you even not bother because you don't need to explain yourself..

Now, in a situation like this, what would you do? Would you stay in touch with her and text her normally everyday or wait a good week while your away and then text her...or would you text her at all?

This is the guy that I'm dealing with now, and it makes me wonder that since I told him I wanted to be friends, he won't stay in touch. Like, is he just not bothering because he wasn't looking for a girlfriend in the first place so he's like "Screw it" and just pretend this whole thing never happened?

I would love some feedback!


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  • i don't go for the oldfashioned, no drinking no smoking girls, but hypothetically I doubt id confront her about it. I mean on what grounds? its not like she is entitled to my fidelity in any way, she specifically said we were just friends (and for a fairly stupid reason). thus she shouldn't care at all that I slept with another girl cause its just not her business. but if I was close friends id text back if she texted me


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  • if I was him I would text you back having a normal conversation then if you brought up the rumor I would explain my self. but he hasn't text you back so he's a "screw it"

  • If I REALLY think the woman is 'wifey material' then I don't separate, that's just stupid. wifey material is rare. I can always transfer to a different school or find a job close by.


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