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Do you think I’ll ever find love again?

Ever since I got rejected, and this girl picked another guy over me, I just stopped caring about girls. Like I just find meaningless sex with women the only way to get her out of my mind. I gave up in trying to find a girl for more than just sex. I never used to be this way until recently, but she was my last hope in finding love. I don’t care to ever try as hard as I did with that last girl, and I just wish I never met her because she screwed my feelings for good. I did everything I could possibly do to make her fall in love with me, but I wasn’t good enough. I’m fact all the girls I’ve ever loved never ended up feeling the same way about me in the end…. I don’t feel like killing myself, but it’s close enough to not make me care about anything anymore.
Do you think I’ll ever find love again?
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