Rebound relationships! please help with this one

This is assuming you still love your ex.

Did they work out?

Did they make you think more about your ex? ( even if they were hotter than your ex)

Did you forget about your ex because of the excitement of this new person?

Did you feel guilty?

Did you all end up breaking up with the rebound or did it work out?

Did you compare them to your ex all the time?

Did you think of your ex when having sex with the rebound?

Tell me your stories please.



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  • In my experience, it never works out and it is harsh on the rebound girl, I got excited about her at first but then I just kept comparing her to my ex, expecting her to be like her and do the stuff me and my ex used to do..

    Whenever I saw my ex when I was with the rebound girl it was a complete and utter am I making her jealous situation.. Its so not fair on the girl imo.. I think its good to just remain single for a bit and get rid of all them feelings you have for your ex, before you jump into a relationship that tries to make you feel better about yourself..

    • You kept comparing her to your ex in bed, the way she talks, walks, ( her qualities)

      But what about your ex's flaws. things that you could have changed about her. what if this rebound had some better qualities in some things?

      Did you ever get over your ex? or are you still comparing her to any girl? like the movie 'chasing Amy'?

      What about in the excitement of the beginning with the rebound, did you sort of stop thinking about your ex? excited by a new body and no fighting or arguing,just fun

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    • thnks man

    • No problem mate

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  • one of my close friends was going out with a girl for 5 years they spilt and at a work thing that night he hooked up with a collegue of his and now 3 years later he and the rebound girl have a kid and own their own house... so I suppose rebounds can work out!

    • Damn, not great news at all! I was hoping for the opposite!

      thanks anyhow

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    • much thnx

    • Glad to b of some assistance I hope it all works out for you... However you wish

  • Work: no it lasted for a couple weeks.

    Think more: yes, very much. I started thinking what my ex did and he doesn't. then what he does and ex desnt...

    Forget: yes, whenever nobody mention him or he wasn't around which was alot.

    Guilty: yes, I ended up dumping him over guilt and I still love my ex.

    Break up: yes, we ended up breaking up

    Compare: not always

    Sex: never did,


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  • I started seeing a girl about a week after breaking up with my ex. I felt guilty as hell after the first date, but the new girl and I have started sleeping together and the sex is so much better, not to mention her personality and affection. The more I see her the less I miss my ex. She's not as physically attractive as my ex, but she's much nicer, and that's what I'm liking so about her do much.

  • We don't mean it at all when we say lets just be friends. I will not ever even use that. In fact I usually make it clear that it won't and cannot happen. In the beginning of dating it is normal to compare your x to the current girl. I try my very best to not even think about my x at all. she is my x for a reason(took awhile to not think about my last x lol)

  • Your thinking too much. If your ex got with another guy just forget about her. She isn't worth it. When she gets dumped & wants to come crawling back it will be your turn to tell her to hit the road.

    • what if she DOESN'T get dumped!?

    • She might not but they usually do. That's when you ignore her or tell her to f*** off. Once they get with another guy it will never work in the long run cause your going to end up hating her even if you think that's impossible now, you will.